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Hello! My name is Joana

I am a Spiritual Therapist and Mentor.

My mission is to guide you to find yourself, to find your own voice in the world, in deep connection with your own truth, evolving towards your soul.

I have many passions in my life but the biggest one I found was myself and everything that guided me to find myself.

Now, I wish to share all I know with you.

Do you accept this invitation?


How can our souls connect?


Aura Reading

For self development, with the opportunity to meet your soul in a deep way.

Your Aura is the energetic field that stands around your physical body and that contains all the information about yourself.

Aura Reading is a Holistic Therapy where all the layers of your aura are observed, approaching and sharing the messages that your soul has for you. 
Through the Aura Reading you can acknowledge and become more conscious of the blocks you have in the present moment, preventing you to live your life in full.

During an Aura Reading we will have access to:
- your state in the present moment
- your level of connection with the divine
- the balance between your spiritual and your physical side
- your spiritual pacts
- your past lives
- your chakras

Each session:
- takes place online
- lasts around 1h30 
- can be recorded by you so

you can review it later


Family Constellations

For self development, healing deep connections in your life.

In our life we have several connections with our family system and, even if we are not fully aware of this, it turns ourselves into part of our family patterns, that go through many generation levels.

Family Constellations is a type of Systemic Therapy, focusing on the liaisons of our unconscious self with our family members and stories.
We are all part of a family and - even if we are not aware of this - we are all connected in a way that behavioral patterns and certain events of the life of our family members, will remain alive in us so we can solve them. 

The main goal of this amazing therapy is to solve issues that are psychologically conflicting and that need to be seen and redefined based on love and acceptance.

This therapy is extremely useful for any emotional, behavioral, mental block you might feel in you or related to any relationship.

Each session:
- takes place online
- lasts between 1h
and 1h30 


Spiritual Mentorship

For self development, feeling guided by the messages of your soul.


This is an open guiding session, for you to be able to open yourself freely regarding any topic, any block that you feel and that you need to take a direction about.
In this session I will resort to every single therapy and content I have studied in order to help and guide you in your journey.

Each session:
- takes place online
- lasts 1h 


Spiritual Development Program


For a deep self discovery.

When you deeply feel that you need to know yourself better, in a deep way, approaching your soul's voice. When you deeply feel you need to get to know yourself again in a moment or regarding a specific event/relationship in your life.

Immersion an online program where all the above explained therapies are gathered in order to support you in this moment of your life.

This is a 2 month program where we meet every 2 weeks and go deep into your soul, so you go through a self reconnecting process. Through what you can touch your soul, feeling immersed by the real you.

It includes:

- 1 Aura Reading consultation

- 1 Family Constellation consultation

- 2 Spiritual Mentorships

- 1 Package of 5 Meditations

- direct contact with me through out telegram to help you during these 2 months of inner work 

Each session:
- takes place online
- lasts between 1h and 1h30


My name is Joana, I am 30 years old and I have always known my life purpose would be related to people.


I have always loved people and helping them with their issues was always my way to connect.

I have then decided to study Psychology in order to fulfill this need and love. However, I soon understood the approach of Psychology wouldn’t be enough. I wanted to know people in a more deep and wide way, beyond the physical and behavioral point of view.

In 2019 life presented me with the hardest challenge I have ever faced, a thyroid tumor. In this process I have come to realize I have had lost myself and didn’t know who I was anymore. I had forgotten to be truthful to myself. I lost my inner voice and I have disconnected myself from my will. When this challenge showed up in my life, I knew I had to stop and go back inside of me.

Who am I?

What am I doing here?

What's my purpose in life?

What do I REALLY want?

Who am I beyond everyone else?

 These were a few of the hundreds of questions I have made myself in this path.

This was a moment where I felt the most lonely in my life but also when I approached the closest version of my own self.

I understood the world has a place for me, for my sensitivity, my own voice, my own will. I also understood I am an introverted person and that I do not need to be the version of me the world most wanted.

I am the most important person of my life and I am the person I have and want to serve. Every day of my life.


During this time I fell in love with alternative and holistic therapies and I understood my interest in Psychology was always related to the transpersonal point of view. Truthfully, I have always loved Astrology, "Energies" and I was always curious about faith and beliefs. I just never imagined that what I have always loved could become my life purpose.

Now I know I am a forever student, of myself and the world. I have accomplished 2 levels of Reiki, I am studying Psychology, I love Numerology, Crystals, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Holistic Nutrition, Essencial Oils, Yoga, Meditation, Feng Shui, etc... I love the sea, flowers, music, traveling, home deco, pottery, etc... I have learnt to be grateful for everything and to appreciate my life in a wide and traversal way.

I am passionate about human evolution, our own emotional and spiritual development. I now know that we all came to this life with the purpose to get to know our soul's challenges.


I absolutely love the way how I can approach your soul and how this life purpose allows me to do it, overcoming my ego barriers. I am here to be myself, not to please the world, only me. There is no other way to evolve my soul in this physical world.

I am an Aura Reader, Facilitator of Family Constellations and Spiritual Mentor.

I do what I love, with love. Loving me, you, the world.

Grateful that you got to this page, it certainly is due to something common we have with each other.

I would love to get to know you.

With love,


Get to know me a little better


Talk to me

Which service would you like to know more about?

Thank you so much for your contact, I will get back to you as soon as possible

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