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Go Slow with 


A podcast of talks

between mind and soul.


While rambling between personal

and real experiences

(and also some hypothetical)


Bringing always a deep

meaning about everything!

With inner connection,

truth and mindfulness.

Here, I bring you my perspectives on the world and allow my mind (and yours too) to travel on various topics, based on my experiences and my regular thoughts.

I will always bring you along with my transpersonal view of life, based on my experience as a mentor and always as a person who is also in her own journey.


My wish is that these conversations that I have with myself can inspire and guide you in your own thinking processes, while finding the truest way of your soul.

Available on

spotify, apple podcasts and youtube

Go Slow with Jo.

The name that gave a true meaning to my project when it wasn't even a project yet. When it was still just a way to express myself freely, where I could be myself, away from others' expectations and my fear of disapproval, as well as my own pressure on myself too.

Go Slow with Jo.

The name that was part of my life during the healing process of my illness and the beginning of my soul's journey.

A name intrinsically linked to my voice and, therefore, HERE IT IS today, naming this Podcast.

A name that I hope that will also bring you a voice and give your mind wings of soul.

Go Slow with Jo podcast_eng.png
Go Slow with Jo podcast_presentation_secondseason.png

Available on

spotify, apple podcasts and youtube

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